Analysis: New WTC PATH Station Reviews – Hatchet Jobs or Fair Analysis?

Based on the look of small portion of the new World Trade Center Transit Hub – one of blinding white, everywhere, resembling a yogurt shop – we don’t know what to say.  We don’t want to bash anything relating to transit.  The New York Times and the New York Daily News recently reviewed the newly-opened-to-the-public portion and…we guess they gave a fair analysis.  Or at least not a hatchet job.  Sigh.

Look, we’re down with having nice places.  We love Grand Central and think Penn Station is an awful, horrible place (like everyone else).  But $4 billion – sorry, $3.94 billion – seems out of proportion for what the station does.  Making things worse is that it only serves some 50,000 people a day or, as the Daily News puts it, “less than half of the Long Island Railroad’s Penn Station passenger load” (or, to compare, the entirety of Penn Station averages 430,000 passengers a day).

This isn’t easy for us to do…  So the station apparently has some flaws.  We say – who doesn’t have flaws?  This could be the station of the future!  Sigh…ok, ok.  Apparently the marble floors are receiving some criticism for being quite slippery when wet.  Just don’t get it wet, right?  Some joints and connecting pins are a bit too noticeable for the New York Times’ taste.  To that we say:  good.  Perhaps that will frighten daredevils into never considering climbing upon such seemingly poor construction, unlike the climbers on your own New York Times building with its ladder-like facade.  People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, you know?

In the end, this project is well under way and will be completed and we’ll be happy to have a nice new station at the World Trade Center.  We just hope that similar, if not greater, expense and effort is put into building a new Penn Station so we don’t have to continue schlepping through what’s there now.

What a depressing post.  ratpag doesn’t like to do that.  Tune in tomorrow as we return to our normal transit-can-do-no-wrong programming.

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