An Excuse to Quote Franklin Schneider

ratpag has ties to the Washington metro area, having spent several combined years working in various cubicle farms, buying condos at the height of the market, then fleeing the region with no prospects whatsoever. Oh yeah, and advocating for transit.

If you’ve ever flown into Reagan National, you’ll remember the miles of cul-de-sacs, freeways, and giant parking lots. What you won’t see is the utter lack of transit options, which makes the idiotic practice of slugging (picking up strangers in order to legally use HOV lanes) not only possible but also reasonable. So we were surprised to find a spirited defense of sprawl from writer Franklin Schneider, most known for his abuse of unemployment benefits and subsequent book about it. I mean, here’s Franklin writing about a new housing development:

Fairfax County To Convert Prison Into Mixed-Use Community[Washington Business Journal]  Imagine if you moved into this future housing development and then your marriage went really bad, but you couldn’t get divorced because of the kids, mortgage, etc., and you also really hated your job but you couldn’t quit because you had bills to pay.  How bitterly ironic would that be.

And that website is trying to sell real estate! The sprawl article might have been sarcastic, sure, but I only skimmed it and didn’t read to the end, and really I just needed to tie that quote back to transit somehow. I think we all learned nothing here.

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