Central Indiana Might Get Expanded Transit

Look, we know this isn’t as exciting as the Hyperloop or the trans-Russia New York City (and El Paso?) to Paris rail connection but not everything can be such glitz and glamor.  Sometimes you have to get down to the nitty-gritty and brass tacks and whatever else and take your victories where you can get them.

So now we present to you, our loyal readers, as brought to you by the Indianapolis Star and Indianapolis ABC rtv6 – The INDY Channel –

Funding for an expanded bus system serving the greater Indianapolis area has cleared both chambers of the Indiana General Assembly, also opening the door to the possibility of a light rail service throughout central Indiana.

Like we said – sometimes you just have to take what you can get.  Such progress has apparently been in the works for several years and one state Representative, Mr. Jerry Torr, is “pretty confident at this point that we’ll work out our differences.”  Pretty confident!  You can’t ask for much more than that.

Naturally, there are concerns.  Cost is a big one.  Representative Mike Speedy of Indianapolis is “worried about the level of risk to taxpayers, especially if counties are allowed to fund light rail, which has experienced major cost overruns in other cities.”  To that we say Mike!  No one here at ratpag has worked in months.  Hell, one of us hasn’t worked in years and we’re doing just fine.  We’re doing OK…getting by.  Imagine a few of us going back to work on those new bus and light rail systems!  Somebody’s got to do it – why not us?

Of course, much of that is simply spuriousness.  Several of us at ratpag have somehow secured some sort of employment.  The others?  Well, we’re holding out for that Hyperloop.

But transit progress is good – it’s in our name – and we’re happy to see it in Indiana as it’s important in cities big and small.  We appreciate the concern of escalating costs but hope those in doubt feel the same worry over economic damage and lower quality of life due to the recurring congestion seen on more and more of our freeways and city streets (not to mention those forced to rely on the substandard transit options that currently exist).  This mass transit bill still has some more hoops to jump through before becoming official and we hope to see it through.

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