Pro-Train Propaganda from the Pacific Northwest

We assure you that we did not write this article from The Oregonian but we damn well wish we had.  Most of the piece and reader-submitted comments (within the article – emphasized with triple bullet points) are glowing.  Take the first triple bulleted comment:

Train is the way to go.  No traffic.  No gas.  No wear or tear on the car (or the human)…

The author, Terry Richard, then discusses the odd argument some in Congress seem to have that rail is operating at a loss while overlooking that highways, roadways – nearly all transportation! – operates “at a loss.”  That’s kind of the cost of doing business, no?  If we at ratpag owned cars we might consider it “operating at a loss” to have to repeatedly buy and burn gas to get around but, be that as it may, it got us to where we needed to be and that was its purpose.

Before the final slew of triple bulleted comments he throws in “instead, the US gets jerks like Congressperson Mica.”  We here at ratpag want to stay as non-political as we can but here we do make an exception – Mica is a jerk.  The former House Transportation Committee Chair was oddly (given that one would believe a Transportation Committee would be in favor of many and diverse transportation options) opposed to Amtrak’s existence.  Fortunately, his time at the Transportation Committee helm has ended.

This wonderful piece concludes with various comments saying “I love to travel by Amtrak” or “I love train travel and have ridden Amtrak all over the country” (these are a bit cherry-picked, yes).  One odd comment finishes it, which we won’t discuss, but an overall nice Amtrak piece to start the week.

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