Amtrak Returns to Denver Union Station

Amtrak has returned to Denver’s Union Station (note that this Denver Post page is littered with video ads that are crippling ratpag’s slow, old computers).  As of now, unfortunately, that means that only two trains per day – the eastbound and westbound California Zephyr – get to enjoy the new digs.  The very, very old station will soon open an underground bus station and in 2016

the entire Union Station site will be unveiled as a multimodal transportation hub to serve as a major connector to downtown Denver.  It will include bus transit, light rail, commuter rail, and Amtrak.

ratpag’s pretty happy about this.  We’re shameless, really.  Between the commuter rail heading out to Boulder and beyond and the soon to open line out to Denver Airport the city and region really makes ratpag’s job easy.  Soon enough one will be able to fly into DIA, travel by rail to Union Station, and procure some legal cannabis before heading to a Rockies game or Great Divide (ratpag’s preferred) brewery.  Map provided for convenience:

Convenient attractions near Denver Union Station.


Keep up the good work, Denver!

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