$302 Billion Transportation Infrastructure Plan Includes $19 Billion for Rail, $72 Billion for Transit

In our next installment of catching up with the news we here at ratpag see that President Obama has unveiled a $300 billion transportation infrastructure plan.  Such a thing sounds wonderful to those of us at ratpag; many of whom are unemployed.

Of particular interest are two key places where some of these many billions would be spent, as found on this White House fact sheet:

  • $72 billion to invest in transit systems and expand transportation options.
  • $19 billion in dedicated funding for rail programs.

We’re often amazed at how so much transportation infrastructure was built many years ago and how so very much of it is simply being left to crumble away.  As Diamond Joe Biden alluded to not long ago – we have some infrastructure that is quite out of place in a developed country – a world leader no less – and we can’t simply sit idly by and let what our forefathers built for us slip away into uselessness.

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