D.C. Silver Line to Get a Nice, Big Loan

We at ratpag have had our issues with the DC Metro – the herky-jerky braking, the long headways (particularly off-peak), and one of us once was on a train stuck in between stations for a notable length of time.  Oh, and the surprise trains terminating at the Convention Center.  Those made for the lose-lose coin flip of continuing on foot towards Meridian Hill Park or waiting however long for the next train.

Be that as it may, we are still very much in support of the nation’s second largest (by ridership) subway system growing and expanding as it does, certainly, serve a very important need.  DC traffic with an additional three-quarters of a million drivers, as is Metro’s daily ridership, would be interesting indeed.

So the Washington Post has reported that the Silver Line is set to receive a $1.9 billion federal loan to extend the second phase out to the far and away Dulles Airport.  This is sure to ease concerns over traveling by Flyer bus or cab through unpredictable traffic as the rail trip should be reasonably predictable, though certainly a bit long.  In the meantime, we eagerly await the eventual opening of the first phase of the Silver Line sometime this year.

ratpag also supports the position of this article which advocates for simply taking a break every once in a while and not working yourself to death.  So, indeed, be sure to enjoy a long weekend once in a while – at the very least – and take in this nice patch of beautiful weather (if you happen to be in the east) before the cold blast strikes again late next week.

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