Philly’s SEPTA May Start Running Late Night Trains

So this is good news for those who like to imbibe, as we here at ratpag would never discourage (unless driving would be involved afterwards):  Philadelphia is considering the restoration of late night weekend service on the Broad Street and Market-Frankford lines.  We’ve attempted to insert this map directly in the post, as most any other publication would, and here it is – bigger than any map we would ever need:


As stated in the Inquirer article above, the increase in nightlife in Center City makes extending subway service until 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights a feasible option for the transit service and an attractive option for those looking for safer, more reliable ways to get home late at night.

Of course, we should probably mention the map that we included.  The Broad Street line is in orange and the Market-Frankford line in blue, both crossing right through downtown (Center City) and off to far reaches of the city (including the Sports Complex).  No expansion of late night service is expected on the regional rail system (which is what makes this Philly map look quite large) but no complaints from ratpag when there could at least be some expansion of rail service in the area.

We grabbed the SEPTA map from here and can only assume they grabbed it from SEPTA itself.

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