L.A. Metro Rail Gets Connected

We’ll start it off slowly, as we’re still trying to figure out what, exactly, we do.  So here’s an article discussing a major connector “linking three existing light rail lines with a new tunnel and three new stations.”  

My personal experience with the L.A. Metro Rail system is minimal – I’m sure it’s even frowned upon to fully call it “Metro Rail” – as I’ve only ridden the Red Line between Union Station and somewhere near Runyon Canyon (this is not due to apathy – I simply don’t live anywhere near L.A.).  But as it stands now, according to the article, passengers of light rail cannot get through downtown without repeated transfers and subsequent fares, as these apparently aren’t free.  

As seen on this Metro map, the Blue and the Expo lines currently end at 7th Street – Metro Center, where transfer upon transfer is necessary if one wished to ride the Gold line.  According to the L.A. Times, when the nearly $1.4 billion project is complete, as it is expected to be by 2020, 

…the Metro Blue, Gold, and Expo lines will all run between the 7th/Metro stop and Union Station.  Passengers will be able to travel from Long Beach and Pasadena, or East Los Angeles to Santa Monica, without changing trains.

I suppose by next time we here at ratpag may learn how to insert pictures of maps right into the post.  But as for now we’re just happy to see passenger rail, through this light rail expansion, continue to grow where it once reigned supreme.

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